Shelterdog Blog

Welcome to the Shelterdog Blog. I'm a singer-songwriter and want to help promote creative, contemporary singer-songwriters, preferably of acoustic music, and who don't take themselves too seriously. But, as we all know, the mainstream music channels, radio, TV, and even the Internet, are all trying to jam us into their conception of what they think is popular music. Some of us write music because we want it to express something unique and different, rather than trying to sound exactly like everyone else. That may make it less "commercial," but it should also make it more interesting.

So this is my attempt to open a discussion to encourage singer-songwriters to express themselves, expose the world to their creativity, to review and comment on the work of other aspiring artists, and to exchange ideas about how we can succeed in our efforts as singer-songwriters.

Why the name, "Shelterdog Blog"? Well, first, because it's a blog. Duh. But "shelterdog" because my own music website is And I called it that for two reasons. First, because we share our home with two fabulous shelterdogs: one (Watson) is a refugee from the local Humane Society; and the other (Cricket) is a refugee from a lousy home that took lousy care of her, even though she is the sweetest, kindest, most affectionate dog ever. Second, and perhaps because of the inspiration of these two great dogs, my own music has gradually morphed from more "typical" acoustic singer-songwriter stuff to an entire CD of "dog tunes," written from the dog's perspective on the state of the world around them.

So we welcome your comments, ideas, suggestions. To get this started, I'll upload some samples of my own songs.