Why Shouldn't We Have Our Own Dog Blogs?

What's the problem? Why do the editors of this blog call it a coup? After all, it's called Shelterdog Blog. So why not let the shelterdogs contribute to it? After all, some of us are sensitive, self-absorbed songwriters, too. And some of our songs are even less boring than those of our People. Here's a snippet of one of mine:

I’m just a poor shelterdog
‘Cause the people make me sleep on the floor
If I slept upon the bed I’d be happy, but instead
They put me out, then they’re closing the door.
This old, moldy basket, that I never asked for
It’s only a typical ruse
It don’t have no box spring, no pillow, no people
So I’ve got the shelterdog blues.

Now, I know it's not perfect grammer. But I didn't get a very good education at the shelter. And there are a lot of people who went to school that use grammar just as bad as mine. And, if you think I'm just some ignorant shelter dog, you should read the interview I gave (with Watson, that narcissistic mutt whose blog submission is directly below and who instigated this takeover) at such an esteemed publication as
Harvard Magazine. We're actually a lot smarter and more articulate than the People give us credit for.