Listen, Download, Rate Our Songs

Now you can listen to--and even download--a couple of our featured songs. At no cost! Simply go to Folk Alley's Open Mic, and search for Jonathan Hoffman. Yes, the guy who is stealing all the credit for OUR songs. The Open Mic has several of our great Dog Tunes on it. In fact, Blue Yellow Lab contains Watson's Internet debut blues howl. Some of the lyrics to this important song are farther down this blog. But wait, there's MORE. Our Veterinary Rhythm & Blues is now available on the Open Mic, and this Veterinary R&B is a whole lot better than the Veterinary CLINIC is. Not even close!
Give our Dog Music a boost by rating the songs you like. (Or, even better, kick Hoffman in the butt by giving crappy ratings to all those stupid non-dog songs. You know, the ones that go something like, "I walked around in the rain and snow/self-absorbed, depressed and slow/I'd like to take long walks on the beach/but finding a rhyme's beyond my reach.). Stuff like that.
Don't blame Folk Alley. Folk Alley is a non-profit website that promotes folk music and independent singer-songwriters. It features an online folk radio station that provides the finest folk music around. Too bad so little of it us about important things. Like us pupsters.


Steinway said…
What's this picture of the guy with the fake dog nose? That Hoffman dude, no doubt, doing a really poor imitation of one of us, trying to work his way up the dominance ladder. How about if you tell Hoffman to try something canine constructive like rolling around in the grass and chasing a few butterflies. Your pal, Steinway.