Shelterdogs Abandoned!! Left at Home With NOTHING But Friends, People, Food and Toys

Shelterdogs Watson and Cricket found themselves forlorn, forsaken and forgotten last weekend when their People (Jonathan, Susan anbd Grace Hoffman) abandoned them to attend the Vietnamese Heritage Camp in Estes Park, Colorado, last weekend.

Gracie, the youngest of the People, had a wonderful time with other children adopted from Vietnamese orphanages. The kids frolicked and played while they learned about Vietnamese culture and bonded with fellow adoptees living through0ut the United States.
See this link for definitive photographic proof of the Hoffmans' abandonment of their dogs:
Shelterdogs Watson and Cricket were not amused.
"We were left ALL ALONE for the entire weekend," complained Watson. "The Other People who walked us, played with us, cuddled and fed us that weekend, were Mere Imposters. The Real People were gone."
The Real People returned Sunday afternoon to find their two dogs hungry and suffering from abandonment. Watson and Cricket had not been fed in nearly 45 minutes, and had not been held and petted for OVER AN HOUR!
It could have been even worse. Watson and Cricket were occasionally left in the back yard for minutes at a time. It could have been bitingly cold, lonely and snowing (see photo, upper right) had it occurred in January rather than August.
Ironically, One of Watson's "Real People" who abandoned him last weekend (Jonathan Hoffman), turns out to be the singer-songwriter who wrote and recorded the hit song, "Forlorn, Forsaken and Forgotten," which expresses the angst of of a poor, lonely shelterdog, who is abandoned by his People when they go to work each day. How could someone who wrote such a song abandon his dogs for the entire weekend?
"Easy," replied Watson. "He didn't even write the song. I did. He just took all the credit just because he can play the guitar and I can't. In fact," Watson added, "Jonathan and Susan aren't even Vietnamese."