The dogs are in a funk, so singer-songwriter Jonathan Hoffman has been relegated to writing his own music. We don't know whether he's up to the task, but you can help. Below are some song ideas he's considering. Tell him which one you think shows the most promise (if ANY). He'll take your collective favorite choice and reveal the entire songwriting process for that song.

Here are the candidates:
1. Thumb Drive Blues: [Computer drives can stuff more and more memory into smaller and smaller spaces. So why is it getting harder and harder to find our keys?]
2. One More REM: [If only I could sleep in]
3. Dog-a-Doodle Do: [Perhaps this is the same song as Song #2: Who needs a rooster when the dog jumps on your bed and breathes into your face at 4 AM]
4. Little Piece of Heaven: [A song extolling the Metolius River in Central Oregon]
5. Boogie at the County Fair: [From jugglers to emus to demonstrations of pots and pans you don't need. And what rhymes with "emu?" Other than "dog-a-doodle do?"].

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Can Hoffman write the song you choose? Who knows? On the best of days, even with Watson's creative involvement, only about 30% of the songs he starts are ''keepers.'' But, until the dog comes out of his funk, we're on our own.


Robin Stroll said…
I vote for Little Piece of Heaven. And I don't think it should be about a river. It should be about the joys of spending time with your best friend, your dog.
Cousin Robin