Follow the Money. Fetch the Money

Watson has been offered a business loan for over $37,000. Here's part of the fax he just received:

Where to stash that much cash? There are any number of options. (Did we say "options"?)

Watson could:
  • Start a campaign committee for a Kibble-Party run at the US Senate, where he would stand a good chance of knocking off unpopular Nevada Senator Harry Reid, being better educated and more articulate than Reid's Tea-Party Republican opponent.
  • Prudently invest in some safe stock, such as AIG or BP, or Greek debt or even dog food derivatives (he's been peeing on too many hedges to take up hedge funds).
  • Buy up some of that discounted real estate in Central Oregon or Las Vegas; perhaps some squirrel-infested acreage.
  • Give a boost to his already successful music career, perhaps with some voice lessons.

Now that Watson is going to get a pile of moolah, please help him decide what to do with it. Post your comments here.
Whatever Watson decides, isn't it great to know that the financial sector is doing so well now that they can lend thousands to a shelter dog? You know that the object lessons of profligate lending have been learned when they are only giving loans to the good dogs. Are you a good dog? Is so, just remind your lender of this the next time you're looking for a home mortgage or business loan.