Has Watson Dropped His Quest for Electoral Office?

Shelterdog Watson, who had been seeking to become the Kibble Party candidate for the U.S. Senate, appears to have quietly dropped his electoral bid. There has been no formal public announcement, but Shelterdog's crack reporting team has it on good authority that Watson no longer wants to join the partisan fray in Washington, D.C. Is it because he is satisfied with the current state of the Union? Or because he fears he might lose? Or because the U.S. Chamber of Cat Commerce is plotting a series of attack ads, alleging that the candidate is a "closet cat-ist?" Most likely none of the above. Rather, with the emergence of Watson's local football team, the University of Oregon Ducks, as #1 in both the major polls and #2 in the BCS, Watson seems to have forsaken politics for the Green and Yellow (and, occasionally, Carbon, Black, White, and a variety of other colors) of the Oregon Ducks. For a free sample of Watson's Duck tune, click on "It's a Great Day to Be a Duck," on the right column of your screen.