Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What About ME?

I'm just as cute as you guys, and I've been quietly waiting for months. Doesn't anyone think I'm a lot cuter than those other dogs?? Respectfully, Tobey

What's the Matter With You Guys?

Hey, Cricket & Watson, I mean YOU. You keep complaining about your people, and neither of you is even a real yellow lab. I posted a comment a few months back, complete with my own poetry, and you refused to even post my picture. So I've been honing my HTML skills, and hitting the right keys with my paws, and here I am. Love (that's all I know) and Peanut Butter, Steinway

Shelterdog Music Scores a Perfect 10. Why Don't the Dogs Get the Credit?

The CD in which Jonathan Hoffman stole our songs, "For Dog Lovers Only," was recently given a perfect 10 in a review by Folkwax, the Internet's premier reviewer of independent folk music. How come Cricket and I don't get the songwriting credit? Just because Hoffman has the word processor and the opposable thumbs, he grabs all the credit! Unfair! (Watson)