Thursday, March 30, 2006

Listen, Download, Rate Our Songs

Now you can listen to--and even download--a couple of our featured songs. At no cost! Simply go to Folk Alley's Open Mic, and search for Jonathan Hoffman. Yes, the guy who is stealing all the credit for OUR songs. The Open Mic has several of our great Dog Tunes on it. In fact, Blue Yellow Lab contains Watson's Internet debut blues howl. Some of the lyrics to this important song are farther down this blog. But wait, there's MORE. Our Veterinary Rhythm & Blues is now available on the Open Mic, and this Veterinary R&B is a whole lot better than the Veterinary CLINIC is. Not even close!
Give our Dog Music a boost by rating the songs you like. (Or, even better, kick Hoffman in the butt by giving crappy ratings to all those stupid non-dog songs. You know, the ones that go something like, "I walked around in the rain and snow/self-absorbed, depressed and slow/I'd like to take long walks on the beach/but finding a rhyme's beyond my reach.). Stuff like that.
Don't blame Folk Alley. Folk Alley is a non-profit website that promotes folk music and independent singer-songwriters. It features an online folk radio station that provides the finest folk music around. Too bad so little of it us about important things. Like us pupsters.

Watson, Cricket, to Headline 2006 NW Pet & Companion Fair

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Hoffman is trying to take all the credit for bringing OUR Dog Tunes to the Northwest Pet and Companion Fair 2006 . The Pet Fair is scheduled for the weekend of April 22-23, at the Portland Exposition Center, E-Hall; 2060 N. Marine Drive, Portland, Oregon. Bring a can of pet food to the Fair. The sponsors of the Pet Fair are donating all pet food collected to the local AniMeals(Vancouver & Portland areas) program. It is a program for the cats and dogs of people who receive home-delivered meals. Many of these folks give up their food to feed their cats and dogs. That is why locally FIDO (Friends Involved in Dog Outreach) started ANIMEALS - a partnership with Clackamas Co. Social Services and Senior Meals programs to provide nutritious pet food for the cats and dogs of people who receive home-delivered meals. Second Chance Companions works with the Vancouver area program. The Pet Fair will be providing space for additional Pet Food donations. During the last four years, the NW PET & COMPANION FAIR has collected and distributed well over 6-7,000 lbs of pet food to local Rescue and Shelter groups.


Cats are planning a Meow-In to protest the lack of Cat Music at the Pet Fair. Feline Folkie Cindy Mangsen, who recently released the all-kitty CD, Cat Tales could not be reached for comment. Rats, beavers, and other rodents would also protest if they thought of it. Alas, we have found no recordings, recent or otherwise, of rodent music.
Special Deal for Shelterdog Music Newsletter Recipients
Print out a copy of this Shelterdog Blog, bring it to the Pet Fair, and you'll receive a $5.00 discount off the price of any one of our CD's. That will pay for the cost of admission to the Pet Fair. Then, if you're interested in buying more CD's, we'll give you back the newsletter, so you can get another $5.00 discount for each additional CD.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shelterdogs Promote New Book

How often do we shelterdogs promote a new book? Not that often. Frankly, Cricket and I aren't all that much into books because squirrels are a lot more interesting. Books don't chirp at us and climb trees. But, coming out this month is a book that even we can recommend. Check out "Tails of Devotion,"a photographic essay book looking at the bond between people and their pets. 100% of the gross proceeds will be going to 5 non-profit animal groups in the SF Bay Area (SFSPCA, PAWS, Friends of Animal Care and Control, Pets Unlimited and Rocket Dog Rescue). For more info on the groups, please visit: One word of caution. We haven't actually READ the book yet, and we're somewhat concerned that SOME of the material COULD include compassion for cats and other worthless creatures. But it looks like dogs and people on the cover, so it's probably OK. Perhaps someone with more knowledge--such as a person--could comment on whether feline things are in this book and, if so, WHY.